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2in1 Fountain Solution is designed to replace conventional fount and IPA on your press. 2in1 reduces your dampening levels and therefore your ink by up to 20%

What 2 in 1 Fountain Solution could do for you ...

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Reduce your dampening levels by up to 30%

2 in 1 Fountain Solution replaces Fount and I.P.A. in the pressroom and is formulated to reduce the dampening levels on lithographic printing presses. 

You could reduce your damper settings by up to 30%

2 in 1 Fountain Solution

2 in 1 Fountain Solution replaces both fountain solution and IPA in the pressroom and is designed to reduce the dampening levels on lithographic or narrow web printing presses.  

Reduce your water settings by up to 30%

Reduce your ink settings by up to 20%

Obtain cleaner quicker startups with faster colour balance

Save on paper waste by starting up quicker

Faster drying as less damp on the press

Backing  up will be quicker allowing a faster work rate

Higher dot and sharper dot gain with brighter colours

No fount probe required to save on replacement costs 


This fountain solution is for Alcohol damping presses and eliminates

the need to use both dosers on the press as provides an accurate

low  fountain solution and alcohol dose from one product


Bmm Print and BM Management

BMM Print as been trading in the United Kingdom for over 13 years.


BM Management is an accomplished  Manufacture of Lithographic printing chemicals and has been trading for 49 years. They are continuously expanding the product range to assist their clients to go greener and assist environment.




BM Management 


  •     Established in 1970 

  •  Manufactured in South Africa 

  • Exported Worldwide               

  • Founder of the World's first Marathon Plate in 1967 


A Bit About Us

BMM Print's History

Brian Moore,commenced work at Howson/Algraphy where he was chief Research chemist. He invented the world famous MARATHON PLATE in 1967 and became works manager. He then upgraded the factory to produce this plate for the next 3 years, which was sold all over the world.

When he left the U.K. in 1970 to found PHOTO LITHO PRODUCTS in Salisbury, Rhodesia, he became the FIRST LITHOGRAPHIC PLATE PRODUCER in AFRICA. After inventing and marketing the EXTRALITH NEGATIVE Plate which was sold for over 10 years together with a full range of Plate and Machine chemicals, he joined the 3M company in Durban RSA where he invented and produced (independent of the states) the extremely popular GAZELLE positive plate. 

Due to political problems, 3M withdrew from their main activities in South Africa and he took over the business and named it PHOTO LITHO DURBAN, where he continued to make litho plates until the South African government decreed we had to use locally produced aluminium which was inferior to the German aluminium which he imported. 

On the cessation of platemaking, together with Nick Richards, opened up PHOTO LITHO TRANSVAAL in Johannesburg on chemicals only. This operation grew quickly and necessitated the formation of a manufacturing company in Johannesburg which is called B.M.Management Johannesburg Pty Lt d .Here they developed the patented product 2 in 1 Fountain Solution which is a world first enabling the printer to use his presses with only one doser, the other doser becoming obsolete. This idea has caught on quickly and the 2 in 1 Fountain solution is used extensively in Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown and is exported to Australia and New Zealand at this present day. 

So one can see that over 49 years of intensive chemical research and production experience backs up his high-quality range of lithographic chemicals.

BMM now has WorldWide Agents please see our Distributor Network Page for further details


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